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AHN: Fit Kicks with Fitz

Fitz is a fitness expert with a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences from the University of Florida, and 20 years experience teaching fitness around the globe. Besides teaching to millions of students in person via seminars, group classes and personal training in over a dozen countries…Fitz has promoted fitness through every avenue of mass media; books, television, films, radio, magazines, journals and online.

Fitz’s new book The Everything Flat Belly Cookbook, published by Adams Media in March 2009 and 365 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism will be on shelves this fall. With a thousand published articles under her belt, Fitz now calls the Active Health Network home as our Celebrity Fitness Trainer, and host of Fit Kicks with Fitz.
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AHN: Chef Kicks with Chef Laurie

Chef Laurie Erickson is a sought-after wellness cuisine consultant to spas and resorts around the country. During her three-year collaboration with the Sea Island Company, she served as Wellness Chef, developing healthy cooking classes as well as wellness-cuisine menu options for Sea Island, Georgia’s Five-Star Resort and Spa. Prior to her tenure at Sea Island, Chef Laurie served as both a pastry and demonstration chef during her six years on the culinary team at the famed Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Laurie Erickson is proud to announce the publication of her exciting new, one-of-a kind cookbook, CHEF by STEP® The World's Easiest Cookbook for the beginner chef is now available. Professional insights and recipes have appeared in Family Circle Magazine, Spa Magazine, People Magazine’s, Your Diet, Best Life Magazine, Men’s Health, The Boston Globe, Forbes Life and Restaurant News. She has been the featured chef on the Travel Channel’s Epicurious cooking show, PBS TV’s On the Menu, and on the Tennis Channel.  Additionally, Chef Laurie has contributed recipes and cooking tips for The Canyon Ranch Cooks cookbook and The New York Times top-selling book, Ultra Metabolism. Chef Laurie is a culinary educator, certified fitness instructor and certified sports nutritionist. 

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AHN: Chef Kicks

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AHN: Yoga Kicks with Stacy McCarthy

Stacy McCarthy offers world-class yoga that integrates mind, body & spirit. She is a highly requested presenter at some of the yoga & fitness industries most renowned conferences and conventions. Her cutting edge classes, shows and DVD’s are unique, as she uses a variety of techniques and tools for accessing and sustaining mental, emotional and physical well-being. She is passionate about her contribution to the health and success of her students.

With over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Stacy has gained worldwide recognition for her Yoga Body DVD series. She appears on Exercise TV and is the yoga expert for the Active Health Network. Her tenure in the industry also includes
stints as a Chief Operating Officer of Frog's Athletic Club, Southern California Director of Programming for Club One and a consultant to numerous fitness clubs and yoga studios. Stacy holds a BS in Exercise Physiology and was inducted into the Yoga Alliance at its highest level.

Stacy has been seen as the face and spokesperson of many top health and fitness brands such as, Lululemon Athletica, Ryka, V-8
Vegetable drink, Yoga Stick-e Products and Life Time Networks Diet Tribe. Prior to focusing on yoga, Stacy was an All American swimmer, a world champion Freestyle Frisbee player and a group fitness teacher in Southern California. Stacy has been quoted as saying, “My old way of fitness, using primarily cardio and weights, and was about blasting the music so I was distracted as I judged myself in the mirror. Then I found yoga.”

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AHN: Yoga Kicks

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AHN: Food Kicks with Christie Caggiani

Christie Caggiani, a Registered, Licensed Dietitian / Nutrition Therapist, has been part of the nutrition scene in South Florida for nearly 15 years and is founder and owner of Nourishing Success, Inc., of Boca Raton. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and complimented her degree with a minor in psychology.

AHN: Health Kicks with Kelly Frindell

KELLY S FRINDELL, MPH has worked as a health educator and researcher for the past 10 years. She graduated with honors from Trinity University with a BA in Psychology and received a Master’s in Public Health from Florida International University. Her areas of expertise include cardiovascular health and hypertension prevention in adolescents. She has taught at a number of different institutions, including Texas Culinary Academy and St. Edwards University, in Austin, TX. Kelly also spent several years as the site editor and newsletter writer for a popular health and fitness website. A former collegiate athlete, Kelly is an active swimmer, runner, and dancer.

Adventure Kid Club

Adventure Kid Club was started by Kathy Fredriksson, a Minnesota mother of two who began taking "adventure walks" with her kids in a small patch of woods near their home. As the walks progressed, she and the kids thought of more and more things to make these walks fun, and Adventure Kid Club was born. Kathy and her boys have been enjoying nature together ever since.

Adventure Kid Club  is now open to inspire kids and their grown-ups to get outside, be active and experience fun outdoor adventures together

AHN: Kids Fit Kicks

Featuring our team of 'kid experts' and health and fitness pros, moms, and some of our favorite kids hosting there own webisodes.  Including Kelly Frindell MS , Fitz MS, Kathy Fredrickson  MS, Stacy McCarthy MS, Christie Caggiani L/RD, Tracy Benham MS , Chef Laurie Erickson and a few very special guests contributors.

AHN: Sport Train (Kicks )

Guest trainers, coaches, physiologist, and world class athletes share their best, easy to understand and implement tips and advice on fitness training to improve your sport performance.  They also share the insider training tips that will have you looking forward to your new improved sporty self.

Travel Fit: Adventures are Waiting
Get Fit & Go
Tips on how to get fit to do more, see more, stay longer and experience more throughout  all of your travels near and far. 
Programs include: Fit to Travel, Fit for Adventure, Fit to Go, Ready - Fit - Go,  Summer Fit 2010, Fit To Cruise and more.
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Travel Fit with Tracy Benham  (on Blog Talk Radio) 

Get Fit on Blog Talk Radio (with Tracy Benham)
Ask our all of our Pros/Experts you health and fitness questions.  Also featuring top trainers, and coaches and industry insiders sharing there favorite topics with our listeners