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About us:  SHE / Sports Health and Exercise

SHE/Sports Health and Exercise was founded by Tracy Benham in 1996. In 2007 Ms. Benham was frustrated all of the confusing health, fitness, and diet information available on the Internet. In a world of miracle diet pills, magic cures, and over hyped results that never happen for the average person, the ability to refer her clients to a central source of fast, fun and realistic health information was always a challenge.  SHE (online) was started to fulfill this important need and quickly gained visibility with features in respected media and international outlets like: American College of Sports Medicine, Jamba Juice, Rockin Refuel, AOL, Examiner, The Sun, Diet Detective, Diet-Blog, American Red Cross, That's Fit, University of Florida, Solo Traveler, Sea Island Resorts, Mariners Hospital, The Renfrew Center(s), Cloister Hotel, Baptist Health South Hospital, Cruise Source, Holidash, The Lodge, and More. 

In 2007 AHN (Active Health Network) and Travel Fit was added. Then in 2010 SHE wanted to include another layer of Tracy's passions to the mix and Sports Health Equine was added to complete the SHE family. 


Our mission is to provide effective, easy and fun programs that are based on one belief:  most people want to be healthy every day - but just need the right information, in an entertaining format ! 

Medical web sites and a few health websites carry some good information, but can be difficult and time consuming for the average person to navigate regularly.  Health and medical professionals struggle to recommend resources that can be accessed easily, provide valid information, and get normal people motivated to take charge of their health on a consistent basis. 

Since the beginning, SHE has been well known in the online community for our direct, gimmick-free, action-oriented health tips and video podcast shows.  Our experts give reliable, results-based and realistic advice that will not only make people more fit - but also ENJOY the process! 

Topics :

Here’s a sampling of the topics that our SHE team of experts advise on:

  • Fitness, Wellness, Health
  • Strength training
  • Sports training (most specialties, including:  golf, skiing, running, cycling, tennis, swimming,  football,  baseball, and more)
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Stress management
  • Travel fitness
  • Overall wellness programs  
  • Pilates
  • Equine Health & Rehab


Our Experts’ Philosophy:    

Make the world a healthier place by providing smart, and fun health and fitness information, programs and resources that really work ! 

We’ve recruited only the top experts (in education and experience) to contribute to our programming, teleseminars, audios and videos. We asked them to share their insider tips, best workouts, recipes and programs from trusted sources that everyone can easily access and understand.  

Every single staff member, expert and guest contributor cannot stand gimmicks, programs that over-promise, and ‘miracle’ products and programs. 

Most importantly, our recommendations are designed to work !  And be fun ! And make the best use of our time !    Now, let’s get going ! 

Contact us:

SHE/Sports Health and Exercise, LLC

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Boca RatonFL. 33481



"There's some appeal -- OK, a lot of appeal -- to getting fit fast, and most of us busy folks want nothing more than to get in shape without a major time commitment. Thank goodness for fitness trainers (like Fitz Koehler and others at AHN), who teach the tips and tricks for sculpting a hard a body on the quick. 

As a former assistant editor for The AOL Health and Fitness site, That's Fit, I want to share how much of a draw the AHN: Fit Kick videos were to our site. They are quite a draw for fitness seekers everywhere.
AHN: Fit Kicks videos (and other Health and Fitness ‘Kick” Videos) by the Active Health Network , are great for simple get-in-shape strategies. That's Fit readers have learned how to score an effective five-minute exercise routine, how to commit to workouts, even how their teeth can affect their figures. Good stuff, for sure. Plus, the videos are shot with such an appealing, clean and colorful backdrop, and what visual role models Fitz, Laurie, Stacy and Tracy are -- if they can look that great from working out, there's no reason it can't work for us, too.
I hope the series grows so that others can truly benefit!"

Jacki Donaldson,

Asst. Editor for AOL

Note: SHE was the exclusive provider of fitness videos for 2008 and 2009. Also ran cooking, yoga and health shows in 2009 - 2010.  

 "AHN: Fit Kicks has been a wonderful addition to our living pages on and with a positive and upbeat video series for everyone interested in being healthy and fit."

Brian Kratzer, 
AME online / multimedia
The Gainesville Sun

Note: SHE is the exclusive provider of health and fitness videos for 2009 - 2011.

We approached Tracy Benham to add her expertise as a fitness expert for the Diet because she is extremely knowledgeable about health and fitness, and we appreciate her balanced approach to both. We have known and worked with her since 2002. She is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and her Fit and Healthy column and videos for the Diet Detective’s online site, newsletter and programs are always well received. We constantly receive positive feedback after we feature her articles. And her enthusiasm is infectious, and I always find myself smiling after I speak to her.”

Kelly Frindell


Note: Tracy Benham is the only fitness professional other than the Diet Detective/Chales Plakin that was invited to contribute directly for the widely popular site. (From the WE Television series "I want to save your life") 

“Tracy Benham and Sports Health Exercise LLC. is a pleasure to work with. We approached her with a new SMS alert program and she embraced & implemented our service within a short period time. Great turnaround time. Tracy is creative and energetic and the information she shared with our company and readers is very well received.

Bill Diamond, Co Founder, Gulfstream Int. Group

Co-Founder, TxtVox

Note:  SHE was the Sole Provider of health and fitness information for 2008-2010.

"Tracy Benham was our most referred and requested exercise physiologist at Mariners Hospital. Almost every physician referred their patients or came to her personally when they had an exercise, fitness, or wellness question about one of their patients. Numerous staff members including surgeons, physicians, physical therapist and nurses saw her personally to improve their overall health and wellbeing. Ms Benham patients showed clear health improvements whether it was for weight loss and strength training, during cardio or pulmonary rehab or after surgery. We were sorry to see her leave, but continue to refer to her as a consultant."

Dr. Stan Zuba MD,

Chief of Staff

Mariners/Baptist Health South Hospital

Note: Ms. Benham is also highly recommended by the CEO of Baptist Health South Hospital  of the hospital, Robert Luse.

"I had the privilege of working with Tracy several years ago. She was an outstanding fitness expert, incorporating exercise, appropriate eating habits and stress management techniques and programs. While she was no nonsense in helping individuals achieve their goals, she managed to incorporate compassion and support into her programs, didactic groups and classes.

Those utilizing her or company will inevitably be impressed and improved!"

Barbara Peterson


The Resolution Center

(Former President of the Renfrew Center Treatment Facility)

See more Recommendations on Linked-In and on our Programs and Team pages. 

Contact us:

SHE/Sports Health and Exercise, LLC

P.O. Box  

Boca RatonFL. 33481